Tactical Training


  For many years the staff at Calibre Shooting have prided themselves on providing second to none quality training for those wanting to further their tactical and CQB skill set. All our instructors have a Military or Law Enforcement background with many different skills to pass onto our students. We have many structured training programs to choose from, or we can tailor a program to suit your needs.

  All specialised equipment is provided by Calibre, however all students will require to bring their own personal weapons and equipment. We have limited hire weapons available that must be booked in advance.

  A list of standard courses is listed below:



  • Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Handgun:

  • Basic - Intermediate - Advancer Revolver.

  • Basic - Intermediate - Advanced Carbine.

  • Firearms Safety.


  • Point Shooting.

  • Combat Pistol Craft.

  • Defensive Baton.

  • Defensive Blade.

  • Ground Defensives.

  • Weapons Acquisition.

  • Concealed Carry Weapon.

  • Personal Protection.

  • Low Light Firearms.

  • Active Shooter.

  • Basic Radio Communications.

  • Qualification Shoots.

  • Force on Force.

  • Ballistic First Aid.

  • Defensive Vehicle Firearms.

  • Wounded Shooter.

  • High Risk Entry Tactics.

  • Tactical Equipment Recognition.

  • Contaminated Environment Defence.

  • Distraction Device.

  • Room Defensive Tactics.

  • Tactical Shields.

  • Stair & Hallways Clearing.

  (All the above tactical courses can be taught with rifle and handgun). 

  For more information on courses and dates please send a request email.


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