The US Federal Air Marshals fly the skies as ordinary passengers to keep the air safe from terrorist activities. Each Marshal has to undertake strict firearms training and qualify to the standards outlined by the US Department of Homeland Security Air Marshal training program. Once qualified these "Cops of the sky's" ensure passengers are safe and, if called upon, will use firearms and deadly force to solve any potential threat to life.


  Calibre Shooting can offer you the chance to sit the Federal Air Marshal qualification shoot to the same standards as laid down by the United States Department of Homeland Security Federal Air Marshal training program.


  The course qualification requires the shooter to engage a target from a distance of 3 meters. Each shooter will fire 58 shots and will need to achieve a pass score of 56 hits to qualify. The shoot is also timed so you will need to be quick as well as accurate to pass. (Its not as easy as it sounds).

  Full instruction and guidance will be given by our qualified instructors at the beginning of the day to ensure safety and the greatest chance possible of a pass. This qualification shoot, including instruction, is a total of 5 hours duration.

  More information and dates on this and other qualification shooting an be found at the range.


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