Andy spent several years in the British armed forces where he spent some time as part of the recruit training team. Keen to learn new skills and pass on his knowledge, Andy has studied and produced many different methods of firearms training during his time as a soldier.

  Since leaving the Military in 2000, Andy has been involved with tactical and defence training as a Private Military Contractor gaining first hand experience of tactical situations faced by those on the ground.

  Now retired, Andy is an avid shooter and has spent his past time on the range with his sons and daughter teaching them, and other children trough youth groups, the importance of gun safety and the law. Andy qualified as a firearms instructor and coach in the early 90's and has since qualified as a NSRA Range Officer and Air-gun Instructor.

  During his retirement from the Military Andy has successfully owed and managed an Air-gun and Air-soft range in Lancashire as well as becoming the Range Safety Officer for his local firearms range.

  He is also responsible for founding Pro-Tact, an organisation dedicated to providing quality training programs for the security industry. Since leaving Pro-Tact Andy founded CALIBRE Shooting and is C.O and head instructor for the organisation.

  As well as a qualified Ballistics Trauma Medic Andy continues to study and produce second to none training programs for the Firearms - Air-gun and Air-soft community in the UK including CQB, CQD, Vehicle Defence, Low Light Shooting, CCW, Firearms Safety, Active Shooter and Tactical Communications, to name a few.

  A published author, Andy writes articles on safe gun practices and tactical issues for two international shooting publications.

  Andy resides in West Yorkshire.


Paul Webley

  Paul is a senior instructor at Calibre Shooting and has many years shooting experience with both Military and Civilian handguns and rifles. Paul has served several years in the Royal Navy and qualified as a RN Marksman and a Full Bore Master Shot in many disciplines such as; Police Pistol, Service Pistol, Centre Fire Precision and Police 1500. Paul was also a European Champion in the late 1980's.

  As an instructor and qualified NSRA Range Officer, Paul has studied many various tactical skills and techniques including Close Quarters Defence and High Risk Entry and feels privileged to have trained alongside some of the worlds elite forces such as former British SAS members and Master Snipers.

  Paul was one of the founding members and a senior instructor at Pro-Tact delivering quality training to the Firearms, Airgun and Airsoft community. Since leaving Pro-Tact, Paul has helped produce many of the specialised training programs for Calibre Shooting. 

  Currently delivering and participating in Tactical Defensive Shooting, Paul's other areas of instruction include CCW, Safe gun handling, Weapons Acquisition and Radio Communications.

  Paul also has an active interest in Bush craft and is a keen outdoors enthusiast and currently resides in West Yorkshire.

Jordan Twigger

Jordan has been with Calibre Shooting from the beginning and has played a vital role when it comes to organising and conducting Tactical Defensive Shooting (TDS) range sessions with both Airgun and Airsoft. Jordan holds a Calibre Instructors and Range Officers qualification and is part of the Calibre Shooting Hostage Rescue display team. 


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