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Rifle Shooting

  Tactical Defensive Shooting is a very challenging yet fun discipline, only available from Calibre Shooting. This involves engaging small, knockdown steel targets at various distances and heights, from different shooting positions and can include, weak hand shooting and combat reloads. Targets can be fully visible or partly obscured, requiring the shooter to adjust position to be able to make a clean shot. Barricades and other objects are fully utilised to make the course of fire more interesting and challenging.

  There are different categories to compete in such as Pistol only, Rifle only or 2 Gun (Rifle and Pistol). We can also introduce Shotgun stages for the more advanced shooter. All this against the clock.

  All new shooters must undergo a safety induction before attempting this type of discipline as shooters will be moving around the range whilst shooting. Your safety and enjoyment is our main priority and we want you to enjoy your shooting experience with us.

  For more details or more information please speak to a member of our staff at the range.

  Please note, we don't allow the use of modified "Race" guns in Tactical Defensive Shooting.


Pistol Shooting

2 Gun Shooting


C.E.D.S (Contaminated Environment Defensive Shooting) is an exciting and challenging spin to our standard defensive shooting programs. The use of civilian or military respirators adds to the pressure of this shoot. Full training and equipment provided by Calibre.


LOW LIGHT SHOOTING At Calibre we can offer our members the chance to shoot in low light and zero light conditions. On our specially designed range and our experienced instructors can guide you through all the necessary skills and drills to participate in this type of discipline.


DRILL TRAINING At Calibre we regularly participate in shooting skills development sessions. Full instruction and coaching is available from our on site instructors. We also have guns and specialist equipment as needed.

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